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As i am trying to convince you out there about your trip with cancer i thought it only appropiate that i keep you up to date with mine.
There is several ways in which the doctors will advise you to take depending on the type of cancer you have. They start from chemo to radiation to surgery. As I have postate cancer it’s the only one i can tell you about from my own experience. I know a lot of men now who have this disease and are doing or done totally different things. Most have been convinced to have their postate removed which does not mean that the cancer has gone away others like me have chosen limited intervention, by this i mean i was having a slow release horemone drug put under the skin which lowers tetosterone levels which slows the cancers growth rate.
As i have mentioned i was given a dodgy gene from my dads side to do with clotting, my body clots bad if my PSA readings get up over 100 so was having to have blood thinning tablets as well. I went off the horemone drug and the thinners a year ago and started getting clots again after three months. The PSA sky rocketed up to 144.
Horemone drug back in and on thinners again till the PSA reading came back down again.

I have been taking the human worm tablets now for three months and my PSA done monthly is at 10. My last hormone insertion was in April this year and needing redone in July, I decided to see if anything has changed so didn’t have the hormone put in again and kept up with the monthly PSA tests (self monitoring).

And the great news is I had another PSA test done on the 15th of October and it came back at 11, that’s 3 months after the hormone has worn off.
Which means the cancer in my postate has gone (positive thinking) but i’m sure the PSA reading is coming from the cancer in my spine. As I still have no pain in my spine means that the cancer isn’t growing.
So the moral of the story is take your time (if you have time) to look at all the options before you make a move. I didn’t have any options apart from the doctors but still decided to do my own thing, which some of my mates say it takes big balls to do this when under the pressure of dying from cancer.
I hope this blogg helps those of you out there with making rational decisions when the life threatening decision has to be made.



The real cost of these medical events

We had sold our house so we could travel new zealand but the hospital brought this to a stop. We stayed at a empty section while we reorganised our lives doing day trips to doctors and hospitals. The cost of drugs and trips to hospital drained our resorces. As I was on strong blood thinners I went to the doctor to get a sickness certificate as no one would employ me because if I recieved a cut or internal injuries I would bleed out, I can’t blame employers for this as OSH would have a field day fining them for failing to keep employees safe.

I took the certificate to work and income they looked at my bank accounts and said i had to line up for the dole. We had less than $30,000 to last 3 years when i get the pension. Yet i have seen others get handed money without even looking at bank accounts. The system sure as is not fair.

We Joined the caravan association who have cheap rates at their caravan sites but you can only stay for a max of 21 days then you have to move on, luckily they have a lot of sites all over the country.

some of the things i have tried

When you think you have not much time left you try to find the things you think might work for you straight away, the only problem is you need time to see if things work. My hope is to let you know what i have tried and what worked or may have. Remenber this is what i have done and some people think I was mad and could have killed myself.

I was given a link to a website that had 9 ways to cure cancer and i have tried some.

1,  Tumeric.

Tumeric contains Cucumin which is what I still take today due to the fact I have clotting issues (is good blood thinner). India has the highest tumeric consumption in the world and the lowest cancer rate so that tells you something.

2,  Hemp seed oil.

I take hemp seed oil now with my current plan, very high in omega 3, 6 and 9.

3,  Reishi Mushrooms.

read up on it sounds ok but haven’t tried them myself.

4, Melatonin.

Reduces oxidative damage and fights free radical related diseases like cardiovascular disease and cancer. Never tried it.

5,  Distilled water.

Good for everything been doing it for years.

6,  Baking soda.

Cancer can only suvive in an acidic environment so a teaspoon a day in a glass of distilled water turns your body slightly caustic  which one prevents cancer moving to other places in the blood stream and inhibits it’s growth. I have been taking baking soda for some time now.

7,  Organic garlic cloves.

the garlic blocks the cancers ability to multiply. I have used garlic off and on, but depending what i am taking you can only eat so much.

8,  Apricot Kernels,

The bitter seeds contains 2 molecules of glucose and a molecule of cyanyde. Before you jump up and down at this thought the cyanide is not the same that kills possoms variety. The cyanide molecule  can only be unlocked by the cancer cell it’s self, if you don’t have cancer the cyanide passes to the liver and passed out. The glucose which is what cancer mainly lives on is sucked into the cancer cell with the cyanide, which kills the cancer cell. Any surplus cyanide goes to the liver and turns the molecule into another which helps lower blood pressure.

They say 40 kernels a day is the limit but I have been on 120 a day with no effect and I still take them now (20 a day). You can get bitter and sweet kernels but only the bitter ones contain the cyanide. The pharmaceuticals have convinced western governments to ban the importation, sale and tranport of bitter apricot kernels (i wonder why?) so they are a bit harder to obtain.

9,  Cannabis sativa.

Not the smoking type but the oil.  I have tried it, but found my PSA levels still kept going up to 144 so went back on blood thinners until the PSA dropped back down. I think the oil would be great if you had serious pain.

My journey with cancer

It’s amazing how a life threatening event can totally change the way we look at life. This is my story. We want to pass on to others what we have learned. March 2017 I woke up with a sore left leg, it felt like i had twisted it but couldn’t remember doing it. The next day i woke up with my left leg swollen from my knee down and by 11am i couldn’t walk on flat ground any more than 10 metre’s and had to stop for 10 minutes to get my breath back. I went to the after hours doctor and he sent me to hospital saying i had clots. I was lucky to be alive as my lungs were down to about 15 percent of capacity and the clots had gone from my leg through my heart and into my lungs. It goes to show that you have to keep your pipes clean otherwise it would have been a heart attack, (see my blog on drinking water). I had my own business was generally fit and never suffered from clots in my 62 years. After a week in hospital on drips, blood thinners, mri’s and tests nothing was found. On the last day a young doctor said sometimes clots can be caused by cancer so they did a psa blood test. A few weeks later i was given an appointment at hospital for a scan. When we turned up it was with an oncologist and he said i have prostate cancer with a reading of 188 (1 to 4 is considered normal) and said to get my affairs in order as i had less than 12 months to live and handed Wendy a box of tissues. Wow what a major rush through my head, everthing i looked at i wondered if it was the last thing i would see.

I went for an MRi scan and heard nothing for weeks so a mate of mine said there were hospital advicates who work between patients and the hospital. After a few days i found out that the 2 people who could read the results were on holiday. I couldn’t believe it here i was dying and they keep no one on to read results. I had a meeting in hospital to discuss the results and they wanted to do a biopsy. I googled biopsies and there was more guys having problems with infections so i declined the kind offer.

I did agree to have a p e t scan which gives you the equivalent of 700 xrays in one hit. I found out it was going to cost me $3800 as prostate cancer is the only cancer not funded by the govenment, all good if you smoke all your life get lung cancer and p e t scan is free. The results came in and the cancer was in the postate and in my spine, they said they could give me radiation for the postate but they couldn’t do nothing for the spine they said i would be in excruciating pain and living very close to the hospital.

I turned down their kind offer of radiation as i figured that if they can’t fix the spine why get sick as doing the postate. At this stage its a wonder i wasn’t charged with pestering as i was on google all the time. I was always one to get my own information before i believe doctors. They wanted me to go on wolfram blood thinners which has to be tested every week as food affects the dose you need. Uncle google said there were other thinners out there that didn’t need weekly tested and as we were planning on traveling new zealand so the first option was not good as well wolfram is a rat poison. Doctors agreed that was the case but still pushed me to have it, again i went for the option that i wanted and i asked them why the push for wolfram and they said it was the devil they know.

I found out that the difference with someone doing chemo or radiation to someone doing self monitoring was nil as far as time to live goes but the one doing self monitoring had a far more enjoyable life.  Uncle google got a thrashing and i found out that your body turns carbs to glucose which cancer lives on so this started our quest on a low carb diet. I was below 15 grams of carbs per day.

A very good friend named Hank has been a godsend as he would research stuff and send me links, some stuff was unbelievable but others made good sense. I can tell you now two and a half years after my first diagnosis i have no pain at all in my body and walking beaches, biking, hunting, fishing and power walking up hills and feeling great.

My PSA results in the last four months have been 10,10,12 and 10 with my latest test. I haven’t been on blood thinners for the last year as i found out that my clots start when my PSA gets up over 100 (getting to know my body). I do take extra strong cucumin which is a natural blood thinner that hospitals use to use before the pharmacuticals came along and Vitamin E which stops the cancer cells up taking oxygen as a food source and i found a product called Serra Enzyme


Which comes from the silk worm, the moth spits this enzyme around the rim of the case. the enzyme melts the silk so the moth can escape before being eaten. Researches found out the enzyme eats any non living tissue in our bodies and has been syntheticly produced and prescribed to all surgery patients in europe for the last 30 years. So this stuff eats anything from scar tissue to clots. The docs told me it would take 6 to 9 months for my body to get rid of the clots naturally. I went for a scan 3 weeks after starting on serra enzyme and all of my clots had gone. That was two and a half years ago and i’m still on them. I met with my dad at hospital as he had a clotting issue so i asked the doc why he wasn’t on the enzyme, the doc googled serra enzyme and turned around to me and said ‘oh they are only supplements’ which means if they are not in the pharmacutical bin you can’t use them. My dad being old school will only do what the docs tell him.