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As i am trying to convince you out there about your trip with cancer i thought it only appropiate that i keep you up to date with mine.
There is several ways in which the doctors will advise you to take depending on the type of cancer you have. They start from chemo to radiation to surgery. As I have postate cancer it’s the only one i can tell you about from my own experience. I know a lot of men now who have this disease and are doing or done totally different things. Most have been convinced to have their postate removed which does not mean that the cancer has gone away others like me have chosen limited intervention, by this i mean i was having a slow release horemone drug put under the skin which lowers tetosterone levels which slows the cancers growth rate.
As i have mentioned i was given a dodgy gene from my dads side to do with clotting, my body clots bad if my PSA readings get up over 100 so was having to have blood thinning tablets as well. I went off the horemone drug and the thinners a year ago and started getting clots again after three months. The PSA sky rocketed up to 144.
Horemone drug back in and on thinners again till the PSA reading came back down again.

I have been taking the human worm tablets now for three months and my PSA done monthly is at 10. My last hormone insertion was in April this year and needing redone in July, I decided to see if anything has changed so didn’t have the hormone put in again and kept up with the monthly PSA tests (self monitoring).

And the great news is I had another PSA test done on the 15th of October and it came back at 11, that’s 3 months after the hormone has worn off.
Which means the cancer in my postate has gone (positive thinking) but i’m sure the PSA reading is coming from the cancer in my spine. As I still have no pain in my spine means that the cancer isn’t growing.
So the moral of the story is take your time (if you have time) to look at all the options before you make a move. I didn’t have any options apart from the doctors but still decided to do my own thing, which some of my mates say it takes big balls to do this when under the pressure of dying from cancer.
I hope this blogg helps those of you out there with making rational decisions when the life threatening decision has to be made.