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understanding carbs

This is a massive topic which is sometimes hard to get your head around.

TOTAL carbs compared to NET carbs

For a start there is total carbs and net carbs, most nutritional information on the back of food packets have total carbs which is carbs and fibre added together, some have net carbs which is the total carbs minus fibre.  Some producers have net carbs on their packets but not many.


So you don’t count fibre as it dosen’t get converted to glucose in your body. If a packet says carbs are 10 grams, fibre is 3 grams then the net carbs you turn into glucose is 7 grams.


the sugar content is part of the total carbs so don’t add it on.


Most fruit and vege’s have carbs which are natural sugars and fibre, generally vege’s growing below the ground have higher carbs such as carrots ( serving size medium) have 6 grams of carbs per 100grams of carrot and lettuce which has 3 grams of carbs per 100g  of lettuce.

They say 250 to 350 grams of carbs per day is good for you but if you want to lose weight then 90 to 150 is ok.

Like me I wanted to go into ketosis which is your body burning fat only then you need to be below 10 grams of carbs per day. It’s better to slowly drop your carbs over a period of time as your body needs to adjust.


losing weight fast the natural way

You don’t just get cancer, everyone has it which does clean up work in your body and they are supposed to die when finished. Sometimes cancer cells don’t self destruct and will mutate. The general thought is the mutation should be stopped by your imune system. So fixing your imune system will prevent getting cancer in the first place. If you have Chemo or radiation they will almost always kill your imune system. Cancer is diet related which started me on this quest. My lovely wife went out of her way to find me low carb recipies and i owe her my life, she was cooking two seperate meals a day. Wendy has now changed to low carb as well. Your body turns carbs into glucose which cancer lives on. My daily input of carbs was below 15 grams of carbs. Now if you google carbs in one slice of toast bread the answer is 24 grams. White flour has 75 percent carbs so anything made with white flour will be high. most diet people will tell you that a good healthy diet should contain 300 grams per day or less if you want to lose weight. We will post recipes we have tried and improved on in further posts. You must eat fats in your low carb diet as your body will adapt to living off fats so things like bacon and eggs are good low in carbs high in fats. We make a low carb bread in our bread maker which only has 5 grams of carbs per slice. I found eating one slice with butter and low carb jam for breakfast keeps me full to almost dinner time. The recipe for the jam will be put on this site as well.

People think that fruit and vege’s are good for you but some are very high in carbs, generally berries are lower than other fruits and above ground vege’s are lower. If you google how many carbs in say peaches it will tell you. Also packets from the supermarkets will have carbs per 100grams so when you shop google everything it might take a while but you soon know what to buy. remember you have 100 grams of carbs to play with for each meal, If you want to lose weight naturally carbs must be lower. I have lost 14 kilo’s and Wendy has lost 18 and we are keeping it off even having 3 full meals a day, weight reduction coarses advertise on tv only work because it’s portion size they work on once you lose weight and leave the weight goes on, check the back of their meals for sale in supermarket very high in carbs. My day today consisted of one large slice of home made bread (5 carbs) one small avocardo (9 carbs) butter (o carbs) for breakfast, lunch Raw fish in coconut cream (2.7 carbs) 3 krannsky (2 carbs), dinner was lettuce salad (5 carbs) smoked fish fillet (0 carbs) almonds for a snack (6 grams) so my total for the day is 29.7 grams of carbs and never felt hungry all day.

I must point out at this early stage that this is our story and we don’t push anyone to do something against thier doctors or dietitians advice. We found out there was very little information out there (apart from the doctors) which makes decision making very difficult.

So for this reason i will have another line of posts to cover my journey with cancer. If  you know someone who is suffering from cancer send them a link to this blogg as it would be good to hear about their journey

My journey with cancer

It’s amazing how a life threatening event can totally change the way we look at life. This is my story. We want to pass on to others what we have learned. March 2017 I woke up with a sore left leg, it felt like i had twisted it but couldn’t remember doing it. The next day i woke up with my left leg swollen from my knee down and by 11am i couldn’t walk on flat ground any more than 10 metre’s and had to stop for 10 minutes to get my breath back. I went to the after hours doctor and he sent me to hospital saying i had clots. I was lucky to be alive as my lungs were down to about 15 percent of capacity and the clots had gone from my leg through my heart and into my lungs. It goes to show that you have to keep your pipes clean otherwise it would have been a heart attack, (see my blog on drinking water). I had my own business was generally fit and never suffered from clots in my 62 years. After a week in hospital on drips, blood thinners, mri’s and tests nothing was found. On the last day a young doctor said sometimes clots can be caused by cancer so they did a psa blood test. A few weeks later i was given an appointment at hospital for a scan. When we turned up it was with an oncologist and he said i have prostate cancer with a reading of 188 (1 to 4 is considered normal) and said to get my affairs in order as i had less than 12 months to live and handed Wendy a box of tissues. Wow what a major rush through my head, everthing i looked at i wondered if it was the last thing i would see.

I went for an MRi scan and heard nothing for weeks so a mate of mine said there were hospital advicates who work between patients and the hospital. After a few days i found out that the 2 people who could read the results were on holiday. I couldn’t believe it here i was dying and they keep no one on to read results. I had a meeting in hospital to discuss the results and they wanted to do a biopsy. I googled biopsies and there was more guys having problems with infections so i declined the kind offer.

I did agree to have a p e t scan which gives you the equivalent of 700 xrays in one hit. I found out it was going to cost me $3800 as prostate cancer is the only cancer not funded by the govenment, all good if you smoke all your life get lung cancer and p e t scan is free. The results came in and the cancer was in the postate and in my spine, they said they could give me radiation for the postate but they couldn’t do nothing for the spine they said i would be in excruciating pain and living very close to the hospital.

I turned down their kind offer of radiation as i figured that if they can’t fix the spine why get sick as doing the postate. At this stage its a wonder i wasn’t charged with pestering as i was on google all the time. I was always one to get my own information before i believe doctors. They wanted me to go on wolfram blood thinners which has to be tested every week as food affects the dose you need. Uncle google said there were other thinners out there that didn’t need weekly tested and as we were planning on traveling new zealand so the first option was not good as well wolfram is a rat poison. Doctors agreed that was the case but still pushed me to have it, again i went for the option that i wanted and i asked them why the push for wolfram and they said it was the devil they know.

I found out that the difference with someone doing chemo or radiation to someone doing self monitoring was nil as far as time to live goes but the one doing self monitoring had a far more enjoyable life.  Uncle google got a thrashing and i found out that your body turns carbs to glucose which cancer lives on so this started our quest on a low carb diet. I was below 15 grams of carbs per day.

A very good friend named Hank has been a godsend as he would research stuff and send me links, some stuff was unbelievable but others made good sense. I can tell you now two and a half years after my first diagnosis i have no pain at all in my body and walking beaches, biking, hunting, fishing and power walking up hills and feeling great.

My PSA results in the last four months have been 10,10,12 and 10 with my latest test. I haven’t been on blood thinners for the last year as i found out that my clots start when my PSA gets up over 100 (getting to know my body). I do take extra strong cucumin which is a natural blood thinner that hospitals use to use before the pharmacuticals came along and Vitamin E which stops the cancer cells up taking oxygen as a food source and i found a product called Serra Enzyme


Which comes from the silk worm, the moth spits this enzyme around the rim of the case. the enzyme melts the silk so the moth can escape before being eaten. Researches found out the enzyme eats any non living tissue in our bodies and has been syntheticly produced and prescribed to all surgery patients in europe for the last 30 years. So this stuff eats anything from scar tissue to clots. The docs told me it would take 6 to 9 months for my body to get rid of the clots naturally. I went for a scan 3 weeks after starting on serra enzyme and all of my clots had gone. That was two and a half years ago and i’m still on them. I met with my dad at hospital as he had a clotting issue so i asked the doc why he wasn’t on the enzyme, the doc googled serra enzyme and turned around to me and said ‘oh they are only supplements’ which means if they are not in the pharmacutical bin you can’t use them. My dad being old school will only do what the docs tell him.